Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher D Asbury
Head of School L Fellows
Assistant Headteacher R Chander
Early Years Coordinator S Butler
English Coordinator R Lay

 Early Years

Early Years S Butler
Early Years B Gait
Early Years S Lal
Early Years R Cartwright
Early Years A Khan
Early Years S Hussain
Early Years S Bi

 Year 1

Year 1 N Dhir
Year 1 S Benton
Year 1 R Uddin
Year 1 H Merchant
Year 1 P Somal

 Year Two

Year 2 R Chander
Year 2 K Shemar
Year 2 D Blake
Year 2 M Waraich
Year 2 S Graham
Year 2 S Lowden

 Year Three

Year 3 L Macdonald
Year 3 S Humphries
Year 3 A Chapman-Yates
Year 3 M Burton
Year 3 H Vaughan

 Year Four

Year 4 Z Ayton
Year 4 J Gibbs

Year Five

Year 5 R Lay
Year 5 A Cathle

Year Six

Year 6 B Bate
Year 6 S Hughes
Year 6 L Fellows
Year 6 M Reehal

Currently we have no staff members who are union officials