Dunstall Hill are extremely proud to be an official ‘School of Sanctuary’.

What is a School of Sanctuary?

It is a school that is committed to being a safe and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary. It is a space for those whose lives were in danger in their own country, who have troubles at home or are just looking for a space where they can feel safe.

We help pupils, staff and our wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the school community.

We are a school that is proud to be a place of safety and inclusion for all.

As part of our School of Sanctuary initiative we aim to:

  • Promote positive attitudes within schools and their communities around people seeking sanctuary
  • Support schools to take positive steps and to be proud of being places of safety and inclusion for all
  • Recognise and celebrate schools that are committed to welcoming and supporting people seeking sanctuary

To find out more about School of Sanctuary, please click on the link below:

School of Sanctuary Website