At Dunstall Hill, we teach history through the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC).  The PKC history curriculum allows children to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of local, British, and world history. The knowledge in the curriculum has been carefully chosen and sequenced using a largely chronological approach. Each unit of work is not a stand-alone topic, but a chapter in the story of the history of Britain and the wider world.

The children will learn about fascinating ancient civilisations, the expansion and dissolutions of empires, and the achievements and atrocities committed by humankind across the ages. The PKC history curriculum is balanced to enable children to look in some depth at local, national and world history, encouraging children to explore the connection between significant events and people and how they have influenced the modern world.

Whole school definition

History is the study of the past, in particular the changes over time that have occurred within human society.

Why study History?

History is the story of how we, as a people, arrived at the present and it helps us to understand where we might go next.  It is vital to learn History as a pursuit of the truth and as those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it.


History Overview

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Early Years links to History

Learning about History in EYFS begins early with children beginning to make sense of their own life-stories and their families history. This is particularly important to our children as we have a very diverse school community. Through discussion, they will also share these stories with their peers.

They will develop their understanding by looking at images from the past and comparing and contrasting character from stories that will include contemporary figures and those from the past. This interaction with settings, characters and events that they encounter will develop their historical understanding.

Cultural Capital Opportunities
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