At Dunstall Hill the positions of head boy and girl and their deputies are decided on by their peers. The candidates write a case for their election and present this to the school at assembly. Then they are voted in by the children.

Head Boy and Girl

Head Boy – Eniss 

Deputy Head Boy – Akar 

Head Girl – Aafiya 

Deputy Head Girl – Mariam 

Councillors are elected in years 1 to 6 at the start of the school year by their peers.

They all have the important job of representing the views of their classmates, taking part in the job interview process for new staff and ensuring the opinions of their fellow pupils are heard during decisions that are made that effect the school.

School Councillors

1D – Ayva-Rose and Nadim 

1R – Bawar and Anessah 

2B – Arwin and Zinneerah 

2S – Cezary and Georgiana 

3M –  Haris and Arwen 

3V – Fahd and Ala

4A – Mansor and Nahid

4S – Ria and Mohamad 

5L – Hassan and Leya

6B – Sharnell and Ismail 

The following children represent their younger peers in Nursery and Reception:



House Captains

Ruby Dragons – Aaminah and Mujtaba 

Diamond Dragons – Aiza and Ahmad 

Sapphire Dragons – Sundos and Hamzah 

Emerald Dragons – Nora and Ahmedelmustafa 

At Dunstall Hill, we are so proud of our head boys and girls, school Councillors and house captains – they all do such an important job, which they take very seriously.


1D – Haris and Amelia

1R – Mayson and Malayiah

2B – Rylee and Ayinda

2S – Favour and Joel

3M – Aliya and Tameem

3V – Ava and Abdurrahman

4A – Hammad and Sara

4S – Neha and Hudhayfar

5L – Rashani and Noor

6B – Hamzah and Aaminah

Our Eco-Warriors help by carrying out lots of jobs around school, they collect recycling and keep our school ground tidy by litter picking. They have regular meetings to discuss environmental issues and how to keep our school green.

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Young Interpreters and EAL Buddies

1D – Erica, Aila and Abraham

1R – Anas, Tasneem and Ernests

2B – Zaakira, Ilyas and Yusuf

2S – Pasha, Timoll and Sumaya

3M – Robert, Taiyeba and Aya

3V – Abd Alla, Excel and Naz

4A – Yaqi, Teona and Vivien

4S – Sana, Sharea and Stiven

5L – Edvards, Adeena and Jamike

6B – Ismail, Savan and Matas

Young Interpreters support new arrivals settle into our school who have English as an additional language. Their job is to ensure a warm, safe, welcoming learning environment has been created.