To round off our Stone Ages topic, 37 year 3 children spent a night away at Chasewater on a ‘Flint and Fire’ program. When we arrived, we began with a Stone Age workshop where we were shown many Stone Age tools and weapons. Over the two days, we completed 4 activities: cave painting using charcoal, making necklaces using pump drills and natural materials, fire lighting using prehistoric and modern techniques to cook bread and a deer stalking trek on which we learnt how the Stone Age people would have worked together to hunt animals as well as understanding how they lived nomadic live, eating what they found and using natural medicines. In the evening, we had a campfire and sang songs.
The children who stayed in school also spent time cave painting, making necklaces, fire building and baking rock cakes as well as designing and advertising their own Stone Age weapons.
It was a fantastic end to this interesting topic!

Miss Vaughan