The PCSO’s have  been working with some of our young wonders in Year 5 as they strive to improve and brighten up their community.

Sixty five pupils have become junior PCSOs which has seen them join the PCSO’s in taking an active role in and around the area.

The successful scheme is co-ordinated by PCSOs Lee Haynes and Matt Pilsbury – who have been covering the beat for more than 10 years each –  and seen the youngsters learn about the role of police officers, anti-social behaviour, anti-bullying and road safety.

The nine and 10-year-olds also came up with their own objectives for improving their community which include being kind and considerate to neighbours, help each other with their bins and highlighting any suspicious activity.

As part of this they have designed posters around how to make their neighbourhood a safer, nicer place to live. The hugely impressive designs were put on view at the school and prizes were distributed at a recent assembly.

Well done to everyone involved and keep up the good work!