Crikey! in the outback children have been tasting lots of different foods, shelter building, stick whittling and building fires to cook bread

As part of Australia week children made coral reefs inspired by the Great Barrier Reef

Wow, impressive biology going on here with Charlotte

Well done Charlotte for using technology to improve your handwriting

Great example of wellbeing activities

Wellbeing activities can be found on your home learning sheets

Excellent fact file Fahd and well presented

Great work Haris this is a wonderful rap you have made

Zineerah using editing technology to complete her maths work, well done

Amazing work Stiven and very neatly presented

Mohamad’s magnificent pirate scene

Pasha’s pirate poem

Samaya is helping us understand our body

Emaan’s adventure story and a blessing for Ramadan

Erica’s dragon fighting a brave knight

Beautiful flower Haris

Christopher Columbus by Joel

Wonderful adjectives Mahnoor

Super butterfly Zoya

Wonderful vibrant rainbow Arina

Fabulous work Yahya and a healthy meal to go with it

How good is this coding by Haris

Lovely butterfly Alex and life cycle

Well done Abdullah

Wonderful butterfly Blake

Excellent work Tasneem

Land ahoy! From captain Evie and her ship mate

The weather means we are all good to sail, well done Treyvon

Very creative work Haris

Rimsha showing us lots of emotions. How does Spring make you feel?

Land ahoy! From captain Evie and her ship mate

Chloe sailing the seven seas and talking about the lovely trasure she could find

Keita’s weather forecast was correct

Evie is keeping active with gymnastics and maths

Chloe’s wonderful work on Black Beard

Hawa’s beautiful writing

Roz has been very busy with her family

Well done for staying so focused Erik

Great knowledge Keita

Nazila has shown us everything we need to know about our body

Amazing picture of what we would see in spring by Sofia

Treyvon’s super picture showing the lifecycle of a plant

Excellent vibrant colours from Riley

Josh is showing us what we would see during Spring

Erica has made a wonderful image using symmetry

Leona showing what a great mathematician she is

Ahhhhhh a spider thank you Yahya

Lovely to hear from you Zayla

Sounds like it will be spectacular Excel

Thank you for hieroglyphics Amalia

Brilliant work Stiven

Well done Neha you know this planet inside and out

Exploding off the page well done Amaan

Simrunjeet showing us all the continents we could visit

Send your work to your teachers using the email addresses we sent out to parents so it can be put up here


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Please see the link below for our parent/carer communication letter - DHPS Vandalism Letter June 2023 Click here for Letter